I have grown to cherish these beautiful cuisines throughout my life and I want guests to feel like they are dining in an extension of my home the second they walk through the doors at Kith and Kin.

DCist, August 24th, 2017

I grew up a Creole, Nigerian, and Jamaican child in the Bornx. If it weren’t for the stories of my ancestors and my parents making sure I understood that, then I wouldn’t be here today. It’s time to honor that.

Eater (National), August 24th, 2017

Everyone loves a comeback story, and this might turn out to be the mother of all comeback stories.

Zagat DC, August 20th, 2017

This fall, local diners will finally get to step foot inside the completed Wharf complex, a three-year, $2.5-billion overhaul of D.C.’s southwest waterfront. The new development will unleash nearly two dozen new restaurants, bars, and clubs on the local dining scene.

Eater DC, August 16th, 2017